RDCC Print and DPI Competitions

All competitions are open to paid up members.

Each member can enter up to 3 prints & 3 Dpi’s

In the event of large numbers of entry only your first two prints or Dpi’s will be entered.


Prints must be mounted no larger than 50cm x 40cm overall size.

Any backing board must be the same size with no glue,tape or velcro to be attached to the back of the mount.

Overall thickness should not exceed 4mm.

Each print should be labeled top right corner with,  number – title – member RD number ( labels from comp sec)


Dpi’s should be JPEGs, sRGB colour space and 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

Please note portrait images should not be more than 1200 pixels high.

If the image is less than 1600 x 1200 then the unused space should be filled with black to bring it up to size.

Each Dpi should be titled and placed in a folder titled with your name.

(All filenames will have a .jpg or .tif extension but DiCentra knows to ignore them when showing the title in a competition.)



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