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Update from our meeting on 6th February 2018.

Good evening all,

Well, it seems that winter has taken a strong hold this weekend! As I type it’s snowing outside and carpeting the landscape with a a great coating of +2 stops exposure compensation for tomorrow’s photographs. The Winter Olympics have also begun, so I’m currently enjoying a repeat of the women’s Ice Hockey game between USA and Finland. Let’s see how the Finnish finish.

Here’s your weekly dose of RDCC updates and information, which I hope you enjoy. In particular, don’t forget to take advantage of the software discount codes which Andy Hirst has very kindly given us.

Last Week’s Meeting – Andy Hirst, Editing and Workflow
Andy is a full time wedding photographer producing wonderful memories for couples. He also publishes a great Youtube channel which is worth seeking out. Last Tuesday he took us through all his processes after capturing his images in the cameras he uses. There was a lot of advice, a lot of detail and a whole lot of new software to try! Quite a few members have already commented to me how useful Andy’s talk was.

If you’d like to try any of the packages Andy showed to us, here are the discount codes from the night:
Photo Mechanic – – ANDYHIRST – Faster photo culling direct from your memory cards
Luminar 2018 – – HIRST – A powerful alternative to Lightroom for purchase, not monthly subscription
JpegMini – – ANDYH20 – Compress your finished images without losing quality

Our Next Meeting – Appraisal Night and Hand In For POTY Round 2 2018
It’s time to get your images onto a USB stick! We need three images from you of any category for entry into Round 2 of our Photographer Of The Year competition. There’s still everything to play for as it’s a 4-part comp and your best scores are what count the most, so don’t worry if Round 1 wasn’t your finest hour or even if you didn’t enter. The competition itself takes place the following Tuesday. Don’t forget, subs must be fully paid to enter Club competitions.

It’s an Appraisal Night on Tuesday too, so bring an extra three images (maximum) to share with us all. Whether you’re looking for feedback to improve your shots, your editing or simply to show off something you’re proud of, please get involved.

Minutes from our recent Committee Meeting
As you’ll remember, there was a Committee Meeting the week before last. Your Committee of fellow enthusiasts met to discuss some of the issues we all care about. Many thanks to Ken for taking the notes as I couldn’t attend thanks to a badly-scheduled parents’ evening. The minutes are attached to this week’s email for members only if you’d like to read through them.

Best Garden Photos You’ve Ever Seen?
Thanks to Roger for sending this link to some truly stunning winners from the International Garden Photographer Of The Year –

Springhill Hospice Calendar Competition
Below my sign-off below, I’ve pasted the complete details received by Ken for Springhill Hospice’s annual Calendar Competition. The calendar raises £10,000 every year for the Hospice so if you’d like to help support this wonderful local charity, please consider entering. Thank you.

That’s all from me for this week’s update. Thanks to everyone who has sent information for me to use and if you have something, please think about emailing me for next week’s update. Have a great couple of days until Tuesday night and I look forward to seeing your Appraisal images then.

As always, my very best,

Phill Connell​, Secretary, Rochdale & District Camera Club​
Twitter @phillconnell
Instagram @phillconnellphotos

Springhill Hospice
“Making every Moment Count”
Springhill Hospice 2019 Calendar Photo Competition


Please see below information about the 2019 Springhill Hospice Calendar Photographic Competition. Please can you circulate the information about our 2019 photograph competition to your members?


For many years the Hospice has produced a calendar made up of photographs of spectacular views and events across our Borough.  All the photographs are chosen through a free to enter open photographic competition.

Each year calendar sales contribute £10,000+ towards the running costs of the Hospice and help raise awareness of Hospice services across the Borough and beyond.

The 2019 photo competition is now open, which means we’re asking photographers to submit entries to be considered for the 2019 calendar.

You can submit up to six photographs, free of charge, either by using our paper entry form or electronically. Download your own entry form or submit your entry electronically by going to –

The photograph judged to be the “best in show” is given pride of place on the front cover of the calendar and another 12 photographs are chosen to illustrate each of the twelve months.

The closing date for entries is 31st March 2018

Set out below are some hints on how to win:-

The photographs for each of the 12 months will be selected by a panel that will be looking for photographs that:-

~reflect the four seasons
~ cover scenes in all parts of the Borough
~ preferably capture a special scene or local event
~ we get lots of Winter photographs, don’t forget Summer, Autumn and Spring!
~ a good photograph can be spoilt by the scene not being properly framed
~ often we see good shots spoilt by distracting items in the background such as passing vehicles, advertisement signs, inquisitive people and the like!
~ photographs showing local events in recognisable locations seem to attract the judging panel’s eye. Think of sporting events of all kinds, seasonal and religious festivals, civic ceremonies, and entertainments.
~ when photographing familiar locations, i.e. the Town Hall and Hollingworth Lake, why not take a less obvious approach – perhaps a different point of view or angle.
~ make sure your photographs primarily illustrate a great recognisable location rather than say, animals in an anonymous field.

Many thanks

Stephen Beckwith
Hospice Calendar Team