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Update from our last meeting on Tuesday 12th February 2019

Good evening all,

First of all, my apologies for being on the last minute this week. It’s been a very busy weekend, culminating in a day in Morecambe to weigh up a photography job, combined with a pleasant promenade stroll with the girls and an all-day breakfast in the rather nice Lighthouse Cafe which supports local charity projects. Today’s been altogether less scenic, with a trip to Lymm for a meeting with a ‘day job’ client. So here I am on a Monday late afternoon keeping in touch with my esteemed RDCC Club-mates.

So, how have you been? It’s time for the weekly cavalcade of information from one of the best Clubs in Rochdale!

Last week’s meeting – POTY 2019, Round 1
Mike Lawrence presided over the first of four Photographer Of The Year competitions last Tuesday with an excellent cop of photographs to score and give feedback on. It’s been great to see over my time in this club just how much the images are improving: it was a real pleasure to see so many fabulous images. Fourteen images were held back for a second look and three images took home 20 points:
Ullswater from Aira Point by Paul Marshall
The Saddle of Saddleworth by John Whittle
Misty Kayakers, which took the trophy for Mike Rathbone. Congratulations on another fantastic, evocative image Mike!

Tomorrow’s Meeting – My Photographic Journey, Lee Sutton
This week we have a guest to share his experience in the world of photography. Lee works as a photographer as well as being active in the Club world, so it’s going to be interesting to hear about his journey to where he is now. Come along to see some great images, be inspired and hear how someone else has progressed with their camera.

LEAF – Littleborough Events Action Forum
Some time ago we committed as a Club to help LEAF to put together a calendar for the Littleborough area. Since then it’s been winter, so somewhat understandably we haven’t handed over many images. However, spring is around the corner and the evenings are getting longer, so it’s time for us all to get more involved of we can. Currently only 8 images have been shortlisted so far and of those, there are perhaps two, that are suitable so we need lots more.

During conversations with the committee they have stated that they would like more images of the following.:
– Upcoming festivals
– Littleborough Town Centre (the area around the Parish Church is also very beautiful)
– Surrounding Countryside that identifies Littleborough
– Cherry Blossoms in the Harehill Park. When they appear (May time)
– Flowers in grounds of the church  Wide angle (low level looking upwards)
– Pictures of this coming Spring.

If you’re photographing people, please bear in mind that images of children won’t be used in the calendar. Our Camera Club has been asked to participate in this project and It would be great if as many members as possible get involved.  We can then submit a wide variety of styles of images showcasing the high standards of the Club. With this request you have a good reason to pick up your camera and head to Littleborough to get some great images. Whether it’s the town, the parks or the wonderful countryside, please do get involved.

That’s it from me this week. I hope your Monday hasn’t been too painful and I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night for an interesting and enlightening presentation. And, of course, the best brew you can make yourself with a nice biscuit!

Until then, my very best as always,

Phill Connell, Secretary, RDCC
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