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Update from our meeting on Tuesday 17th April 2018.

Good afternoon all,

Sorry to be so late this week. I’ve been wrestling with 6,500+ email contacts to make my client’s marketing campaigns work, and lists like that do not like being handled quickly. So, I’ve been otherwise engaged for a little while. However, there is enough time for a very snappy email update for your reading pleasure (if that’s how you perceive it!).

Last Week’s Meeting – Mick Ryan on Travel Photography
Mick is always a very welcome guest at RDCC and last week he presented a talk on Travel Photography.It was clear that a huge amount of effort had gone into the night and we saw a huge number of fascinating photos from some fantastic places. If I was to remember some advice from the night, it would be to make sure that you plan for the following types of photographs on any trip you take:
Establishing Shots – wide shots showing the overall view of a place, to give the viewer a sense of place, scale and atmosphere.
Medium Shots – showing what’s going on in a place, enhancing the viewer’s experience by bringing them closer to the story and experience
Close-Up Images – of the people, the objects, the food… all these things help to give an extra layer of detail to involve your audience

On top of that shopping list for your photography, remember that a great Travel image should aim to have as many as possible of:
Great Composition
Good Light (which often means getting up early!)
– A Sense of the Moment
Great Colour or Tone

Remember, you don’t have to be travelling somewhere exotic to take great travel photographs – why not think about these rules on your next day trip to the Fylde Coast with the family, or even to Hollingworth Lake or Heaton Park? Practise makes perfect.

Tomorrow’s Meeting – Portrait Night
This week we have an opportunity to practise our portrait photography. Bring your cameras and your flash guns if you have them, and take advantage of the space and the people around you to make some new images. We hope to have one or two models available, but don’t be afraid to place your Club colleagues into the picture! This is also a chance to experiment with lighting… don’t accept what’s been set up for you! Move things around and try something new. If it doesn’t work, don’t try it next time! :o)

L&CPU Individual Competition
Your images are needed for the L&CPU Individual Competition. Pete & Lynn will organise our entries, but you need to bring your digital images and prints for submission. The categories are Monochrome, Colour and Nature so that covers more or less any images you have!

That’s all for now as you won’t have time to read this if I keep typing! I hope to see you all tomorrow night to take some great new portraits, and to share a friendly conversation with you all.

Until then, best regards as always,

Phill Connell, Secretary, Rochdale & District Camera Club
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